6th municipality in the canton of Geneva
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The Municipality of Onex trusts us. For the 2nd time!

10 years after the first creation of the City site, we had the chance to support our client, for the 2nd time, in a new digital adventure. A long-standing partnership based on trust, listening and responsiveness.

The site is based on the latest generation of our AllInOne CMS and allows complete and autonomous management by the customer. A block system ensures increased flexibility in the management and presentation of content. Modular in design, our solution covers a wide range of services and tools for municipalities.

What we did
Concept Information structure
Webdesign Design system, UI / UX, Figma
Front Vue 2, Nuxt 2, Tailwind
Back AIO V3 Headless



Simplify access to information for citizens while offering simple, easy-to-use tools for daily management

Structuring the information and its organization then deploying and configuring the appropriate tools, always remaining attentive to the customer's needs and maintaining the final objective: end-user satisfaction.

Our close collaboration with Onex allowed us to fully understand their communication needs and objectives in order to create a website that respects their identity and offers them a quality online presence.

Onex Mockup laptop

Quality access, also on mobile!

In an increasingly mobile world, the responsive design of the City's site has been the subject of graphic work and then specific publishing so that access to information is qualitative regardless of the tool used to consult the site.

Onex logo
Onex ambiance


The colors were selected to allow the identification of the different sections of the site and to make the experience consistent for users.

Primary color #4F7B6A
Getting around section #899957
Growing section #EABF28
Work Section #EEA148
Help section #FA434B

Typographic references

The fonts were selected in consultation with our client to ensure excellent readability while giving a modern and pleasant appearance to the site.

Onex typo 1
Onex typo 2

How do we do ?

How do we do ?

A meticulous analysis of needs coupled with regular dialogue for optimal results

An analysis phase followed by several workshops makes it possible to quickly determine the approaches to be favored, whether in terms of graphic design, the structure of the information or the tools to be deployed to ensure the result expected by the City.

This is followed by rigorous planning and constant dialogue with our client who can interact and inform us of the necessary adjustments and corrections in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction.

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