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Subscription accessible to all, offering free and unlimited access to more than 80 ski resorts and 37 summer destinations.
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Magic Pass
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Magic Pass trusts iomedia

It was from the 2nd year of existence of the Magic Pass (2018) that Magic Mountain Cooperation called on iomedia.

The stakes were high, because it was a question of putting in place an extremely robust subscription sales solution capable of handling extreme peak loads during the opening of sales.

Since then, we have had the pleasure of working with our client and have been able to support them in their various developments.

Thus, several versions of the site were able to see the light of day, as well as the implementation of specific backoffice tools in order to respond to the needs and developments of our client.

What we did
Concept Information structure
Webdesign Design system, UI / UX, Figma
Front Symfony, Twig, Tailwind
Back AIO V3 Headless


A project like Magic Pass is full of challenges!

From the start, the objectives in terms of performance were set: we had to be able to absorb extreme traffic as soon as sales opened.

Bet kept and met.

Our collaboration with Skidata allowed us to put in place a whole series of tools relating to the management of access control essential to the realization of such a project.

A particularly dynamic client, the developments and challenges around this project are multiple and constant. We always make it a point of honor to provide our listening skills, our experience, our know-how.

Also, we were able to set up a loyalty program, develop a specific application for partners and transport up to the exchange of data with an external CRM to name just a part.

Magic Pass mockup laptop
Magic Pass web
Magic Pass logo


More mobile than ever!

Magicpass users are nomadic workers.

Also, during the last redesign, we logically took particular care in the presentation of different information on mobile in order to offer the best possible experience on any medium.

Magic Pass mockup mobile
Magic Pass ambiance


The color choices were guided by several considerations to guarantee optimal harmony and readability.

Primary color #067CC3
Dark blue #013E63
Secondary color #FF006E
White #ffffff


The list of typographies used on the website

Magic Pass typo 1
Magic Pass typo 2

Intuitive tailor-made interface

Let's work together to develop a tailor-made, intuitive interface, perfectly suited to your specific needs, to ensure an optimal user experience.

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