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AI directly in the CMS

Technologies February 2024

It is at the heart of all fantasies, all fears, all expectations! We are obviously talking about artificial intelligence (AI), which appeared in our lives almost suddenly! At iomedia, we have been particularly interested for several months in the ability of AI to generate images. We initially focused our investments on the DALL-E image rendering engine, developed by OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT) and how we could integrate it directly into our AllinOne CMS.


Images created from texts

Trained on 12 billion images, DALLE-E has acquired the ability to associate specific keywords with these images and is now capable of automatically generating images from textual descriptions. If the beginnings still left something to be desired, the DALL-E 2 version produces images of significantly higher quality, with a resolution four times higher than the previous version and much more realistic renderings.

Creation as well as modification

Such progress obviously extends the possibilities of image management by AI. DALL-E 2 can create original and realistic images, ranging from paintings to fictional 3D representations, cartoon styles or fictional logos. In addition to generating images, DALL-E can modify existing images, add or remove elements while maintaining the harmony of the original image. Best of all, DALL-E users have full rights to the images they generate, allowing for a variety of commercial uses.

AllinOne – IA inside

The integration of DALLE_E into AllinOne will bring an undeniable plus to the functionalities of our CMS in that it will allow you to manage images directly in the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) of the CMS. See you for that at the end of March!
Several other features linked to AI will be offered in the CMS in 2024: content production (creation or suggestions), as well as translation assisted by ChatGPT. Last but not least, a major AI integration project into Front sites is underway, which will greatly boost the power of our search engine.

As we can see, the integration of AI into our AllinOne CMS marks a significant step forward in digital content management. This technology undeniably broadens the field of possibilities. It will allow you to bring your ideas to life in an innovative and efficient way. For us, it will be a real pleasure to reach this milestone and continue to push the boundaries of what technology can bring to content management.

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