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Technologies February 2024

At iomedia, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve our web development practices. Twelve years ago, we adopted Symfony, which has proven to be a major asset in the creation of our websites and web applications.


What is Symfony?

Symfony is what we call an open source PHP framework, designed for developers looking to create complex, robust and high-performance sites or web applications. In simple words, a framework consists of a development base that acts as a vast library of solutions, bringing together numerous components intended to facilitate the development of digital products. With Symfony, we limit non-value-added tasks, reduce tedious coding and reuse what can be, without reinventing the wheel. In the end, a precious saving of development time, to the benefit of everyone!

Multiple advantages

Key to its success, Symfony has many advantages. Since its creation in 2005, the framework has gradually gained the trust of the web development community. This reputation, combined with its use by major CMS like Allinone, testifies to its reliability. More than 600,000 developers around the world use it daily - a collective strength that ensures constant evolution, while guaranteeing total independence thanks to its Open Source MIT license.

The customization and flexibility offered by Symfony are major assets for the most complex projects. Whether creating webapps or APIs, the framework makes it possible to precisely respond to the specific requirements of each project.

Add to this particularly effective cache management, which optimizes page execution time, and great ease of testing and debugging, and you will understand the success of this framework.

Symfony at iomedia

Websites, Intranet solutions, e-commerce platforms and more... we use Symfony for a multitude of projects. The flexibility and power of this product allows us to customize each project based on the specific needs of our customers. Features like bundles and pre-configured components give our developers the ability to reuse proven solutions, reducing development costs and ensuring greater reliability.

The adoption of Symfony at iomedia represents our commitment to quality, efficiency and innovation in the development of digital projects. This framework allows us to stay at the cutting edge of technology and guarantee our clients tailor-made, efficient and sustainable web solutions.

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