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Founded in 2001 by Lucas Cucinotta, iomedia is an internet agency headquartered in the center of Lausanne and with offices in the heart of Valais, in Sion.

For over 20 years, nearly 350 clients have trusted us.

What is a
Design System?

A Design System is a standardized set of components and guidelines that allow teams to create consistent and multiple interfaces.

This design system must be flexible to adapt to the evolution of the products it supports. It combines what was previously known as the ergonomic and graphic charter, and serves as a reference library and guide for the design and development of digital products or services.

Technical and design teams can use ready-to-use components written in a common language. The content of the Design System depends on the identity of the company and its digital ecosystem

What constitutes a design system?


By using a design system, design and development teams can save time and improve efficiency by avoiding recreating design elements from scratch each time.

A consistent<br><span>visual identity</span>

A consistent
visual identity

The predefined components of the design system provide a solid and consistent foundation for interface creation, helping to maintain a uniform visual identity across the entire product or platform.

<span>Collaboration</span><br>made easy

made easy

A design system also facilitates collaboration between the various teams and stakeholders involved in the design and development process.

With clear design rules and reusable components, teams can work more harmoniously, avoiding inconsistencies and misunderstandings.

Scalability and<br><span>upgradeability</span>

Scalability and

In addition, a design system promotes the scalability and evolution of a project.

When it is necessary to add new features or pages, it is easier to integrate them using the existing components of the design system, saving time and maintaining interface consistency.

Atomic Design

At iomedia, we use the concept of "Atomic Design," which offers us flexibility in designing your website. We first design atoms, then molecules, in order to allow the modularization of each element.

<span>Atomic</span> Design

We use Figma

An indispensable tool in web design.

It's the perfect tool for creating a project from A to Z, right up to the final designs, which developers then take over.