2010-2015 Canal 9, the Valais TV channel everyone loves


Canal9/kanal9 is the regional TV in Valais. News, sports, weather, culture, magazine: this is in summary the content broadcast to viewers on its concession area (Upper Valais, Valais and Chablais Vaudois). With this application, take with you: - Emissions (LED, news, weather, sports, Completely football, Goal, Antidote, Calendar, Debates, Maintenance of news, etc..) - The continuous info on news Valais - General information chain Since 2009, canal9/kanal9 is recognized by the Federal Office of Communication in Berne and broadcasts its programs on both sides of the linguistic canton.

canal9/kanal9 is the only media covering the whole of the Valais and rests on an area of ​​310,000 viewers and viewers. Level production, canal9/kanal9 designs, manufactures and distributes two hours of programming daily for the French channel, and time for the Haut-Valais channel. The application is available in iPhone, iPad and Android.